Dissertation im Fach Musikwissenschaft an der Musikhochschule Weimar bei Prof. Dr. Martin Pfleiderer

Thema: The Syntax of Sound – Untersuchungen zur Musik Pat Methenys (1974– 1994)


Die Publikation als Buch erfolgt 2022 in der Reihe "Internationale Hochschulschriften" im Verlag Waxmann (Münster, New York).




This thesis will examine the music of American jazz composer and guitarist Pat Metheny. The purpose of this study is the musical analysis and description of Methenys specific characteristics and stylistic elements that are revealed in his improvisations as well as his compositions. Therefore selected examplary works are transcribed. Taking into account the music-historical and biographical context the chosen examples are analyzed. The considered musical parameters include aspects of harmony, rhythm, melody, phrasing and playing technique.


Finally, the style-analytical conception of the work also requires the analysis of the specific sound design that Metheny realizes using innumerable self-designed instruments, tuning systems, effects devices and electronic equipment such as guitar synthesizers.
The aim of the work is the systematic documentation and analysis of those factors that are responsible for a differentiated picture of Metheny's music.